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I had an interesting holiday season including a major hack attempt on my websites, taking the drug world head on with an eventful win, gaining access to see my daughter who my ex-wife was trying to prevent me from seeing (although I still haven’t actually seen her yet) and relaxing, recuperating and preparing for University semester.

The best thing that happened to me during the holiday season was not having my home network attacked, rather relaxing because my home network was temporarily out of action. I tend to work quite hard and was forced to kick back watch some videos, clean up the house, read some books and go for long walks through the city.

I started the holiday season with high aspirations in taking on a project unit which involved developing a commenting system for the Queensland University of Technology’s live lecture notes system. I worked consistently up until Christmas but had an unpleasant surprise when many of the passwords on my accounts began to change and an online attack began on my websites.

I applied to have academic penalty removed for the unit I took over summer and withdrew humbly due to exhaustion after winning back my online accounts and websites. In the same time I redeveloped my websites and consolidated them into one official brand using 6 Joomla sites nestled within each other but settled on a static website with a number of directories which I created from scratch.

I feel that I am a better person for having taken on the holiday season and had so much fun and look forward to whatever the world will throw at me in the next 6 months!