This Blog is a personal journal in the life of Gavin Jones beginning 2011.

The old saying that when you’re ready to learn the teacher arrives has proven true for Gavin Jones, a former teenage drug addict, who is now using his story to inspire people across the globe. Gavin is an inspiration to anyone experiencing the devastating effects of drug abuse, crime, alcohol and their related mental health effects.

Gavin’s life spiralled out of control from the age of 13 when he first started taking drugs. For six years he lived on a cocktail of drugs from alcohol, marijuana, PCP and at one stage even inhaled stove cleaner. He committed crimes to support his lifestyle and attempted suicide on numerous occasions. He was, as he says, “every parent’s nightmare”. At the age of 14 Gavin’s parents had no choice but to kick him out of home. He boarded a train for Sydney and spent a lot of time roaming the streets of Kings Cross.

The moment of truth came unexpectedly at a Police Station at the age of 19 where he had a sudden clear vision of the harm he was causing to himself and others.

Upon having a flash of inspiration, Gavin returned to the same Police Station two days later and confessed to a series of serious crimes, returned the goods he and his accomplices had stolen along with handing a group of 10 criminals to the authorities.

From this moment his life changed. His family pastor helped him through the crisis, a police officer supported Gavin throughout his court appearances and a Community Health Officer guided him through rehabilitation and helped him to manage his medication.

At first, his new clean life was very lonely. He was aware that, for the changes he wanted to make in his life to be successful, he would need to sever ties with his former friends who were furious with his decision to break free from a life of crime and drugs. He had also missed much of his secondary schooling and after completing his sentence for the crimes he had confessed to, moved back home and hit the books. He studied 10 hours a day and was placed in the top 10 per cent of the State in his secondary schooling equivalency. This earned him a scholarship to study Commerce at University.

Gavin worked in Marketing and Technology Management roles for 6 years whilst obtaining a number of professional and educational qualifications and is now enrolled in a Masters program at the Queensland University of Technology along with a Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Over ten years on Gavin is striving to bring about real change in the lives of alcohol and drug users along with providing insight and support to people experiencing mental health issues. Gavin is also passionate about supporting and giving insight to parents, families and health professionals to combat issues associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Gavin is an experienced speaker and has delivered a great range of presentations, seminars and workshops. Gavin has experience communicating to large groups of over 400 people as well as smaller group workshops and one-on-one coaching. His audience ranges from school children, rehabilitation clients, mental health consumers and parents to doctors and mental health professionals. His talks are inspiring, unique and provide audiences with real strategies and motivation to make lasting changes in their lives.

Gavin Jones has taken courses specifically related to communicating with the media on mental health issues and had numerous meetings with key stakeholders in the drug prevention and mental health sector.

Gavin does not charge for all his work. If you need help I will work with you in whatever way you need which can include helping you seek appropriate advice from external agencies or even just being a friend online. Large scale presentations organised by agencies which require significant preparation and time may come at a reasonable price. Please feel free to contact me anytime for any reason!

For more information visit www.gavinjonez.com.


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